Article almanac: Links I'm loving {}
Article almanac: Links I'm loving {}

I’ve been meaning to a “link love” post series for ages and ages and just haven’t gotten around to it. Now I’ve had this graphic for maybe 2 week and still haven’t done a post! Yet I have links and bookmarks all over the place. Normally I’ll keep these to just a handful of links, but for my first official Article Almanac post, you’re getting a bunch.

Have a wonderful weekend!


I don’t want to be a ‘natural beauty’ | Via Daily Life

If you’ve read my blog for more than 20 seconds, you know I write a lot of about body image, self–love, the definition of beauty, etc. This is easily one of the BEST articles I’ve ever read on these topics.

What I do want to say is: telling someone, especially someone very young, that what matters most about them is something outside of their control—something they either have or don’t have– is messed up. It’s psychologically dangerous, even. It prevents them from figuring out their own worth and taking on the world as unique, fascinatingly diverse individuals.

And goddamnit, we need to let girls do this.

Compatible: Can I accept my body and still want to change it? | Via Sarah at Run Far Girl

Can I accept my body and still want to change it? Are those two sentiments compatible?

There is a tension here between these two ideas: between the idea of being content and of wanting to change, and tension always pushes towards resolution. But does resolution mean choosing one or the other?

Are Facebook & Instagram Making You Sick?: Why Social Media May Be Bad For Your Health | Via Bex Life

Ok, this is an oldie, but if you missed it, it’s worth reading/watching.

There’s been a lot of chatter on my facebook feed about how people are not so great at telling the truth about their lives on social media and how that could be bumming out – and even depressing – their friends and followers.

And now some running–related articles. P.S. I LOVE Competitor. If you’re a runner and don’t frequent that site, you should change that.

3 Ingredient No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars | Via Dana at Mom Runs Half

I haven’t tried these bars yet, but you better believe I’m going to. My vegetarian, {mostly try to} clean eater self who doesn’t really like all the energy chews and gu’s and protein powders chock full of all sorts of stuff I’d rather avoid… that woman is way excited about an easy–to–make bar than I can cut up into smaller pieces, wrap up and take on runs.

The Art of Snacking For Endurance Athletes | Via Competitor magazine

Put it this way: If you need snacks to avoid “crashing” in the middle of the morning and afternoon, there’s a good chance you’re either not exercising enough or you’re making poor food choices at mealtimes.

Does this mean that nobody should snack? Not at all. Snacking may be necessary to meet your daily energy needs during periods of heavy training.

The 10 Best Carbohydrate Sources For Runners | Via Competitor magazine

Runners need a lot of carbohydrate. Why? Because your muscles are fueled primarily on carbohydrate when you run hard. Thus, sports nutrition experts generally recommend that runners get approximately 60 percent of their daily calories from carbohydrate.

But you need to get the right kinds of carbs at the right times.

Better Squatting For Better Running & Better Pushups For Better Running | Via Competitor magazine

Learning to squat effectively teaches runners how to be better runners by addressing and improving basic athletic skills. For example, squatting teaches runners how to load and engage their posterior chain, how to stabilize their hips, knees, and ankles, and how to move with good posture and maintain that good posture for longer periods of time.


Runners who perform “soft” pushups with overextended posture also tend to run soft and overextended. This disconnection contributes to a whole host of problems, including low back pain, IT band pain, collapsed arches and a clipped running stride. Performing a better pushup addresses these issues.

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