You guys, this photo is how I feel today. Content. Peaceful. Does that sound ridiculous? 🙂 I think too rarely do I stop and appreciate these moments. This weekend I said “wow, I feel really content right now” over and over. The last 2 years have brought some big changes and plenty of unknowns, so to feel this settled is quite refreshing.

Part of embracing contentment for me has been cutting off the to-do lists. I leave work at work. I don’t get my planner out on the weekends. I don’t check my email every day. *Gasp I know!* I jealously guard my weekends especially for things that refresh me.

And you know how you forget that being active makes you feel so much better? I just remembered. I did some great workouts for my “reset week”. Then we had a fabulous, though exhausting, weekend with one of our best friends. #happy


• Yoga class, 90:00
Went in to class with achy legs. It was a touch week to be sore! Lots of leg and hip work and finished with plenty of handstand work at the wall. Savasana was amazing after this one.


• Park laps + cross training, 2 miles, 45:00. Hit up the park next to my apartment.

2:24 – 1/2 lap .25 miles (to where I did the exercises)
3:43 – CT 20 each bench step ups, pushups, boat crunches
4:46 – full lap .5 miles
4:36 – CT 20 each squats, tricep dips, plank tucks
4:59 – full lap .5 miles
6:54 – CT 20 each sumo squats, pike pushups, bicycle crunches
5:04 – full lap .5 miles
5:33 – CT 20 each walking lunges, dive bombers, russian twists
2:25 – 1/2 lap .25 miles (toward home)
3:20 – cool down


• Yoga at home. ~35:00. Lots of planks. Lots of hamstring and hip stretches. Threw in some back extensions and twists for good measure.


• Run! 4.07 miles, 45:00 (11:03 pace)
Some easy treadmill miles. Had fun with these! I’ve been running to little lately that I just wanted a good, no–pressure, run.

• Weights: nothing fancy today, just couldn’t leave the gym without some arm/shoulder work post run. 8 reps each move, x5 for each superset.
Superset 1: basic curls #10, tricep extensions #20.
Superset 2: lateral raise #10, bent fly’s #15.

Friday + weekend

• One of our favorite people came down from NYC, making our weekend packed with lots of walking. And more walking.

The fellas learning to use Sextants for navigation.


Thank you, Air & Space Museum, for ‘teaching’ me how to target a plane.

* Feature image courtesy of adamr at


What makes you feel most content?
How was your last week??

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take time to reset
take time to reset

Phew! I’m sitting here with achy arms sipping my morning tea and hoping my sore legs don’t last too many days.

Considering my recent workout inconsistency, I feel good about what I did this week. And starting today I’m doing a “7 day reset.” The goal is to do something every day for a full week – and hopefully hit 12-15 miles for the week. Running hasn’t been as much of a priority this summer so I want to get in a few good runs.
I’ve never been a “workout 30 minutes a day every day all the time” kind of person (although I do walk to work, so maybe that counts) but I need to get a semblance of routine again. Then I’ll decide what my fitness focus will be heading into fall!


Last week:


• 15:00 on the stationary bike, 2.62 miles.

• Weights: supersets of 8 reps each move, 5 rounds.

• superset 1: lat pull down, 60# | side raises, 15#
• superset 2: seated row, 50# | front raises, 15#
• superset 3: seated press, 40# | triceps drop, 20#
• superset 4: chest press pulse, 20# | basic curl, 15#

• + 10 pushups for good measure. {330 total reps} This was my first time doing sets like this and I enjoyed it more than straight sets. The following days were the perfect amount of sore all over my arms and shoulders, but nothing really painful.

• Finished with 10:00 on the treadmill, 1.02 miles (9:48 pace), low incline. Nothing serious about this, just a straight mile to close the workout.


• Tracy Anderson arms in the morning. Nice and light morning wake up.

• ~30:00 of yoga after work. I tweaked my back juuust a tiny bit – was focusing on back strength, but I didn’t warm up enough. I backed off when I felt my lower back twinge, so this session wasn’t as long as I planned.


• Warmed up with Tracy Anderson arms.

• Bender Fitness “slim and sculpted arms” workout: I used 10 lb. dumbbells at 20 reps each, 1 round. No decline pushups at the end for me! Just the basics.

• Bender Fitness “improve your rear view” workout: 15 lb. kettlebell at 20 reps each, 1 round.


What are your fall fitness plans?

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By now you all know how important body confidence and a healthy self-image are to me. This post hit me square in the face this morning, and instead of writing about it, I’ve simply copied my favorite parts and you can read the rest should you choose. I can’t say this better or with more experience than Vanessa has below.


Starved and Stifled: Women are counting calories instead of changing the world

By Vanessa Garcia
Beauty Redefined blog 9/17/14
Originally published in the Washington Post 9/5/14
Vanessa is a writer, playwright and journalist. She is a doctoral candidate at the University of California Irvine

“College-educated women are leaning closer to the toilet bowl than to Sheryl Sandberg’s boardroom table. In the past several years, women have been speaking louder about gender discrepancies in the workplace, unfair pay and the paradoxes that arise out of trying to “have it all.” On the surface, 21st-century feminism seems to be booming. But even as writer Hanna Rosin proclaimed “The End of Men” in 2010, women were really the ones disappearing. Quite literally. According to a 2009 article in the American Journal of Psychiatry, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder.

Women are starving themselves. They’re spending more time thinking about their calorie intake than how to change the world. It’s not just the severe disorders that we have to be wary of. In a 2008 survey by SELF magazine and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 75 percent of women reported disordered eating patterns, 37 percent regularly skipped meals to lose weight, and 26 percent cut out entire food groups.”


“Even now, when songs like “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor hit the pop charts, I have to wonder if they are the solution or the problem. The song, touted as a healthy-sized woman’s anthem, is actually pretty demeaning considering that the only reason Trainor gives for being happy with her curves is that guys like them: “Yeah, my mama she told me don’t worry about your size/She says boys like a little more booty to hold at night.”

Women have to take their bodies back. We can’t close gender gaps when we spend endless hours counting calories instead of cracking glass ceilings. We can’t gain self-assurance when body dysmorphia is so abundant. It takes a whole lot of strength, fuel and energy to push all of inequity’s baggage off of us.

“I realized that I was alone and that I could very likely die that way. I could waste away, along with my brain, my thoughts and everything I could possibly become…. Back then, I was 5 feet 5 inches tall and 100 pounds with a winter coat, sweaters, long underwear and boots on. (I only weighed myself fully dressed in winter, so if I weighed too much, I could blame it on the extra clothes.) It took five years from that moment — two of those in weekly therapy — for me to truly gain normalcy in my eating patterns.

If I could talk to my 25-year-old self, I’d tell her,

“Your time is precious. Get help. Do it now. You have too many important things to do.


Reflection: Are there ways you put too much emphasis on your body at the expense of other areas in your life?

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Go on holiday

Yes, I’ve taken a 2-month impromptu break from bogging. Yes, I’ve been fairly inactive on my social media during that time. Yes, I know this is pretty horrible behavior for a blogger.

Yes, it’s really OK. 🙂

I needed the break. I needed to not think about posts or worry about stats. I needed to step away from Twitter. I needed to stress less about doing workouts so that I would have something to write about, not because I wanted to.

In the last 2 months, we have:

• spent a long weekend in NYC with some favorite people,
• had a cousin from Texas visit,
• gone to another cousin’s wedding in Upstate New York,
• had family here for a week,
• enjoyed cookouts with friends,
• celebrated our second anniversary,
• connected with a fabulous woman I danced with in high school, who is now traveling with The Lion King (which we saw and she took us backstage),
• done some serious hiking,
• read a LOT of books (and kept up with my Feedly!),
• completed the single largest annual work project I have (after this first year subsequent rounds should be a little less crazy!),
• spent 9/11 on the National Mall and went up in the Washington Monument,
• Jon officially completed his master’s degree,
• and I have continued to work a few hours per week at the yoga studio.

Favorite shoulder stretch of the summer.


I feel like I’ve had a busy summer. I also feel like I’ve truly enjoyed it without the pressure of social media. Because let’s face it, blogging is pressure! I had started to enjoy it less and stress more. Red flag!

The first couple weeks off I stressed even more about not posting. “But… but… I just really need to get something up. Wait, I don’t have time to write something good with this work project swamping me. Just post something Larissa!”

And then I decided throwing a post up on my little corner of the internet was not how I want to blog. Disappearing for a bit, while still not the best habit, was the more honest true-to-myself thing to do.

Also, this happened. First time holding headstand more than a foot from a wall!


Now I’m ready to dive back in and reconnect with the fabulous bloggers I know and love. Jon asked the other day “Are you going to start writing again? Because you enjoyed it for so long.”

Yes, I am ready to come back to my blog now, refreshed and excited.

Have you ever taken time off blogging?
Why, and how did you get back into it?

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