Sheesh I’m tired! A little too much wine with friends last night. Oops….

Hope you all had a wonderful fourth! We had a quite relaxing weekend. Much needed since work has me really busy right now. Thursday was a whirlwind! Hopefully finishing up the project this week and can get back to all the rest of my job duties I’ve had to ignore.

Today’s motivation is about being good and true to ourselves. That it’s OK to be a beginner; to not have everything figured out. When I’m busy/tired/stressed I always need the reminder to step back. No guilt for not doing as much as I want or not being as good as I hope. You can only do what you can do in the time you have, right? Right.


Last week’s workouts:


• Moving day, 5:00:00
Spent 5+ hours moving a family of 6 out of the three story house into a 27 foot truck. I’ve got to say, moving someone else, even a full family, is a lot easier than moving yourself.


• Yoga class, 1:30:00
Fortunately it was an easier class. I went in too sore and tired to work hard. LOTS of hip work, which I love. And I’m flexible, so my teacher kept coming over to show me how to get deeper into the stretches.


• Circuit workouts, 40:00
Tracy Anderson arm workout, plus a few additional moves with my dumbbells; Yoga video with Erin Motz from

Wednesday & Thursday; Friday

• Off
• The fourth was a party in Arlington and walking downtown for fireworks on the mall.



• 2.6 miles, 30:00 (11:32 pace)
Interval workout on the treadmill. Speed and incline varied throughout. Short, simple and felt great.


• Circuit workouts, 1:00:00
Tracy Anderson arm workout, plus a few additional moves with my dumbbells; Melissa Bender workout, 20 reps per move/2 rounds.

How was your 4th of July?
What are you a “beginner” in right now?

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