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We’re here!!! And I’m back online!

Nearly completely settled as well. There are a couple of boxes left – mostly decoration stuff. The first couple things are on the walls. I’d say that’s pretty good for two weeks.


We haven’t done a ton around the city yet. Unpacking and starting work has kept us pretty busy, but thus far, we love it. Saturday we took advantage of the 60° and sunny weather for a long walk around our new neighborhood – including a small park nearby that is perfect for shorter mid-week runs. We also caught up with some old friends and spent time with new ones at two Christmas parties this week. Feeling sufficiently socialized and settled. 🙂

A few best things??

• I ran. On the treadmill. For about 3 miles.
• I pushed up and crunched and lunged. Welcome back to my life, strength work.
• I yoga-ed. Including my first headstand in 44598413215972 ages.
P.S. Not a real headstand. I’m still on the wall and determined to improve.


My digital friends, I have a designated yoga/workout spot. How I on earth we managed that in a significantly downsized space, I’m not sure, but it is there. A piece of wall completely clear of furniture and decoration where I can roll out my mat, invert against the wall, twist, fold, lift, pushup and balance to my heart’s content… all without getting in the way.

This yogi is happy. 🙂


Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

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Well folks, we are a week away from being Maryland residents.

Thanksgiving was calm as far as a holiday and busy as a packing week. We have a room filled with boxes and are quite tired of stuffing things into boxes. Our apartment feels like we’re actually leaving! Last night I watched the Washington football game and each time there was a shot of the city, I kept thinking that’s going to be our home “town” in a week. Crazy.

With packing comes cleansing. There have been several trips to the Salvation Army, with more to come, as well as multiple things sold. It’s freeing and refreshing and inspiring to get rid of things I don’t need. And not even to make room for new things, but simply to have more space and less “stuff.” I’m a very spacial person, emotionally and physically. The purge that accompanies moving is almost good enough to make me loathe packing a tiny bit less.

Four days of work, a day to pack the truck and clean, then we’re on the road Saturday. Sheesh! So soon!

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