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Let’s talk about the weather for a hot second. My walk to work this morning was below freezing. Come on, Missouri, throw me a bone! Can we hold off on the winter temps until we’ve had fall?? Maybe after Halloween? Or – dare I ask – until Thanksgiving season? This week we’ve pulled out a space heater in our bedroom, I’m sleeping in yoga pants and sweatshirt and I can’t sit in the living room without a blanket (we’re not ready to turn on the horribly–inefficient furnace in the apartment yet). *grumble grumble I hate winter grumble*

I’ve been slacking on my weekly roundups recently, so here are a couple highlights:

• 2.64-mile interval run, 25:02 (9:29 pace).
I’ve started using the interval workouts on my Runtastic app. This workout is 25 minutes long. When I’ve done it before, I’ve kept running at the end until I hit at least three miles. This time, though, I stopped when the workout was done. I plan to use this workout as my speed “meter” with a goal of working toward three miles in the 25 minute workout. Pretty happy with this sub-9:30 pace for me!

• 3.02-mile tempo run, 29:55 (9:54 pace).
During some runs I’ve started to pause in the middle (there’s a perfect spot to step off the sidewalk almost exactly half way through my 3-mile route) for some strength work. I like to do 30 each: bench step ups + back lunge; center squat + side squat; and squat jumps. Some solid leg work before finished the run. Then I like to do some core and shoulder work at the end with 30 each: pushups; elevated dips (one-legged if I’m feeling good!); v-up situps; side plank lifts; & plank tucks.

All around, a great mix of cardio and strength that doesn’t take too long.

This week:


• 21.54-mile bike ride, 2:03:06 (5:42 min/mile pace)

• ~30:00 yoga stretch out.

• Core work 50 each: pushups, v-up situps, back extensions, side plank lifts right & left.


• Light yoga work to loosen up the legs and hips.

• 3–mile commute, walk.


• Good ~30:00 of yoga.

• 3–mile commute, walk.


• Core work! Plank series first: shoulder taps, forward reaches, knee tucks, hip drops, leg lifts, side plank hip drops. Plus pushups, back extensions and single-leg bridges. 30 each for 270 reps.

• Yoga stretch out.

• 3–mile commute, walk.

Light back work for #yogafundamentals on Instagram this week.


• Relaxed run, 3.11 miles, 34:53 (11:12 pace).
This run was just lovely. I didn’t have music and I had my phone GPS app silenced (so no stat announcements). Just me, the quiet park, beautiful fall colors and an easy run.

• Some pushups and plank work. Nothing big today.

• 3–mile commute, walk.


Three red sisters. Took this beauty on the run.

This weekend is Mizzou’s homecoming AND a big conference game to continue our undefeated season! We’ll probably join a few friends tailgating. Perks of living close is we can walk or bike; I will not not be driving anywhere near campus, downtown or the stadium. Then I plan to get in a longer run on Sunday.


Are you in cold temperatures yet? How well are you transitioning?

Anybody else football fans??

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Sometimes you can step around those puddles, other times you just need to splash through them.

And then, occasionally, you may need to stand in the puddles for a bit.

Jon and I are each standing in a few puddles… and decided that we needed a perfectly lazy weekend. Friday we went out for a dinner date – only an occasional thing for us. Saturday I honestly don’t remember what we did besides watch football, lounge around the living room and talk about how lazy a Saturday we just had. Sunday was a long bike ride in beautiful fall weather, some kitchen cleaning, a bit of cooking and more football.

All in all, a quite lovely weekend! I’m feeling {mostly} ready to tackle some pending projects this week. My motivation today is really about taking those puddles in stride. Not everything goes to plan, not every day is perfect and I won’t always accomplish exactly what I started. It is all part of the beautiful random unexpectedness of life.


Question of the ages: does life ever go as planned? 🙂
Less important but more interesting: how was your weekend?

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Pep talk time.

I’ve said this a few times lately: I’m busy, stressed, uncertain, not sleeping well and damn I dislike cold weather. Yes, I’m a baby when it comes to cold, but at least give me sunshine and I won’t complain as much.

This dreariness drags me down like none other:


While Casey and I are happy to have a big window and natural light in our office… the view is dreary even on a sunny day. Today it just makes me want to curl up and sleep.

Another thing?

My news–junkie politically–attuned self is kiiiiinnndd of enraged by all the nonsense right now. To the extent that I’ve been nearly avoiding news altogether this week… which happens maybe never. I’m not going to open that can of worms here except to say let’s call for a special emergency election and replace every last one of them.

Or maybe Jon and I will just buy an island and ignore everything about anything anywhere in the world. Seems like a reasonable excuse to become a hermit here:


So I need a serious pep talk.

This quote sums me up perfectly at the moment: “Through practice, I’ve come to see that the deepest source of my misery is not wanting things to be the way they are. Not wanting myself to be the way I am. Not wanting the world to be the way it is. Not wanting others to be the way they are. Whenever I’m suffering, I find this war with reality to be at the heart of the problem” (Stephen Cope).

I think I’m fighting with some parts of my reality. What I really need is to create sanctuary in the reality I have.


This means some things I need to change, others need to be left behind, a few things need to be cultivated and others I simply need to accept. I can only change what I can change. Perhaps the trouble comes in understanding what we can change and what we can’t. It’s not always clear. What do I pursue right now and when do I wait? What’s worth fighting for and what should I let go?


Let it be. Three small words impossibly hard to do at times.


 How do you decide when to “let it be”?

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Ohmyword I thought the fall was going to be a relaxing season.

Not so. I’m not even sure what all has filled my days, but the last week (well, two actually) have been busy and draining and it has seemed too daunting a task to blog my normal amount. Gah! This week I will do better. I’m *hopefully* finishing up a few projects and will back to a steady run/yoga/blog schedule.

In honor of life and business, this week’s motivation is about making the time for health.

P.S. Even with a busier week and not enough workout time, I did have a great weekend that included a fall festival and some crazy organizing. Can’t beat fun and productivity.

Do you have any tricks or tips to make time for a workout?

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Inhale, exhale. #motivation #inspiration #fitness #health

I’m not a competitive person.

I prefer community that supports rather than competes. And yes, I know community and competition are not mutually exclusive. It’s just not my style. Particularly in the fitness world, I think competition negatively adds to comparison and image issues.

*Pause* This post isn’t meant to be a soap box. My motivation this week is simply to pause, breathe, be satisfied with where I am in my journey and feel good! I love this quote: “It is not arrogant or egotistical to feel good inside. You had nothing to do with it. It’s simply the honest response to clearly perceived Reality” (Erich Schiffman).

Sometimes it’s easy to feel guilty about taking time for ourselves. This guilt is a lie. Taking time to renew yourself helps you be a better person for your loved ones, be more productive in life and face hardships with strength.


Do you like competition?
Do you ever feel guilty when you take time for yourself?

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