"The best way to become a mentally tough runner is to believe that you are a mentally tough runner." Ryan Hall #run #running #trail #motivation #inspiration #fitness #health {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

To continue the theme of change and new things, Saturday was my first real trail run. And what the heck; my first might as well be a race.

It was awesome and different and an adventure and will not be the last trail run I do. In fact, it may be the beginning of a new love. I’ve said for a while I think my true running calling is out on trails rather than road. I don’t think I’m quite ready to jump head first into the trail running world, but it’s coming.

My motivation for this week is simply to try something new.

A new class as the gym, a new running route, a new workout video. Break out of routine just a tad. And if you’re a bored road runner, find a trail.


Have you tried anything new lately?

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Run {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}
Jogging it down: my week in review {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

It’s no secret that change is not my favorite thing in the world.

I’m a creature of habit. I like things just so and I like my expectations met. On the other hand, I also get bored {fairly} easily and often want new adventures. I can’t figure myself out…

Like my uneasy relationship with the fall season. It’s beautiful and cool and bright and colorful, and like 9.921563357% if the female population, I love all things pumpkin. But, fall is also death to some degree. It is an end to my favorite season and a segue into my least favorite season of all seasons, ever. Lord, I can’t figure fall out.


That’s me. Uneasy with some life changes coming. Happy about some, like Jon’s–thesis–is–finally–ending and *crossing fingers* soon–to–have–two–incomes happy. Nervous about others, like maybe possibly preparing to get a house. I’ve struggled to write as regularly here at PPA because too much is unknown at this stage.

So this is me sort of, but not really, writing about life to my blog world. Also, did I mention it’s fall? Because I’ve been drinking these like pumpkins are going extinct.

Anyway, my week:



• 3.96 miles, 45:33 (11:30 pace).
This was an interval workout: 10:00 easy warmup; 20:00 intervals (10x 1:00/1:00 sprint/walk); 15:00 easy run.

Speed sets really wiped me out tonight, but we got through it (Jon ran with me!). We ran much of this on the hilly grass next to the sidewalk, as our race on Saturday is a trail race.

• Post–run strength and yoga.
100 each: squats, lunges, pushups; 4:00 wall sit; 1:00 #plankaday; 20:00 yoga stretch out.

• 3–mile commute, walk.

P.S. I like this guy. This is at Jon’s cousin’s wedding in Nashville last week. It was a blast!


• Yoga and balance work, 30:00.
I took it easy with tonight’s flow – we are both SO sore from yesterday’s run and workout. Success of the day: I did an upward facing two-foot staff pose down on my elbows for the first time!

• 3–mile commute, walk.


• 5.1 miles, 55:30 (10:52 pace).
SORE. Every part of my legs hurt heading into this run. We also went out immediately after work, so I didn’t eat before hand. Tired legs + low energy made this one tough. I so want my pace to be faster given the work I put into this run.

• 3–mile commute, walk.

Ok, so the pictures don’t really correspond to the days in this post.


• Yoga leg stretcher, 30:00.
Good gravy, my legs needed a good warm-up and stretch. Worked thoroughly through my hips and legs, plus some back and inversion work.

• 3–mile commute, walk.


I didn’t even walk to work today. I’ll probably do some yoga work later, which has become my evening routine. Then relaxing and to bed early for our trail race tomorrow morning!

This museum room takes on a WHOLE new meaning as a Doctor Who fan. Bonus points if you know why.

I’m really inspired by this quote this week: “Mindfulness helps you go home to the present. And every time you go there and recognize a condition of happiness that you have, happiness comes. (Thich Nhat Hanh)” Right now, in particular, I’m too focused around me and not enough on me in my present.


very random questions today:
Do you get excited or nervous about new life stages?
Do you like pumpkin lattes?
Do you watch Doctor Who?

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Running teaches me that I am capable #motivation #inspiration #health #fitness #run {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

This weekend Jon and I are running a beautiful 7–mile trail race. It will be our first real trail race – well, I suppose the Gladiator obstacle race I did counts as a trail race, but still. I’m quite excited about this one.

It will likely count as my fall season race. I had thought to do another half marathon, but there are none local that we are in town for and we don’t want to travel again. Another weekend out–of–town is just not possible this season. But I’m not overly disappointed because Jon is running this race with me! He doesn’t have time to prep for a longer one, so this is perfect.

For the last couple weeks I’ve been adding in a few runs with my yoga practice. I am in love with the combination of these two activities, as I wrote last week. And I’ve decided something: time is too important to spend doing something you hate. Find an athletic activity you really enjoy and are excited to go do. Yes, it should challenge you, push your comfort zone and change you.

It should also make you happy and make you believe in yourself more than before. We are capable of amazing things!


What activity draws you the most, and why?

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Shameless plug for today.

My lovely and talented–like–crazy friend Casey Voight is looking for parents with kiddos 5–6 (or even up to age 8 or 9) to give feedback on her new children’s books. Here’s a preview ( click on each image to see more details and sample pages from each book):

Unknown-coverweb bestjobcover-300x300 LizardKid_CVweb-293x300 FlyCoverweb-283x300

As you can see, these are beautifully illustrated. Look through the sample pages to see more. P.S. The Great Unknown is my favorite one – and yes, I’ve had a sneak peak at them all, I’m not just saying that.

“The children’s books I am writing deal with real-life issues. Much like the struggles we all face in life,” Casey says. “I’m going to release these to Amazon, but before I do, I wanted feedback from the audience that matters: the little minds that will be looking at these.”

If you have an e–reader or tablet, Casey will send you books in electronic format to read to your youngins. All for free, of course. She simply requests an email back with feedback from you as a parent and how your kids responded to them.

Don’t have a reader or tablet and you still really want to read them? She can send a PDF that can be printed or viewed on your computer.

Casey and her muse. P.S. Those two paintings in the background? Also hers. She crazy good I tell you.

Shoot Casey an email at caseyvoightbooks@gmail.com!

Don’t have kids and like to read? Good! Casey has written a full–length novel The Dove (paperback or electronic version). It’s the first in a series of five. If you like the Hunger Games or Harry Potter or even Twilight, you will like the book. Go read it.


What is your favorite book or genre?
Do you have kids who love to read?

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Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. #fitness #workout #health #motivation #inspiration #yoga #dream #grow

As Jon and I walked home from our run–in–the–park on Friday evening, I told him I’d found my most perfect fitness activities.

Running and Yoga.

Both activities allow me to be introspective. My favorite runs are a beautiful day on the trail without music when I’m enjoying nature and the world around me. I do some of my best thinking on a good long run. Health and fitness is not about how I look, but how I feel, physically and mentally.

The last few weeks of daily yoga have enriched me mentally in much the same way. It’s a break. It’s “me time” on the mat. The whole point is to really connect with your body, being truly aware of how it feels. And I’m getting stronger. Like the graphic below, two weeks ago my body couldn’t do what it can now. The thrill of achievement, whether 10 miles or 10 seconds in a headstand, keep me excited and focused.

There is always growth to be done in both activities. Farther, faster, stronger, more flexible, more balanced.

Be inspired to grow!

How does health & fitness enrich your life?

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