Who am I online? {PIlotingPaperAirplanes.com}
Who am I online? {PIlotingPaperAirplanes.com}

In real life, I am:

• direct;
• opinionated when I have an opinion,
• indifferent when I don’t have one,
• a cautious debater,either way;
• a realist,
• and also a dreamer;
• prone to wear my emotions on my sleeve;
• stubborn;
• passionate;
• a color–coding organizer extraordinaire;
• independent at my core,
• but also comfortable being dependent on someone else (i.e. I can be a bit lazy… oops);
• confident in who I am now,
• while still figuring out who I want to be.

In real life I am absolutely not a happy–go–lucky, smiley, cheering, everything’s–always–perfect kind of person. (Particularly in the morning, when I just want quiet and space to myself). When asked how I am, my usual answers are “I’m fine/good/ok” because that’s the truth. Particularly in the morning. If the truth is that I am great, I’ll say it.

In real life I am an habitual anti–liar. The innocent white lies people tell all the time, like “I’m doing great” when I want to say “I feel like shit”… I can’t say things like that. It just doesn’t come naturally. If I am trying to tell a lie, you’ll most likely be able to tell. In real life I don’t like confrontation but I like passive aggressiveness even less.

My question is, does who I am online match?

If I’m struggling with an injury or illness, I usually write about it. When I have amazing runs, I write about it. When I’m looking for motivation, I post about it. When I’ve been out-of-town and haven’t eaten well, I write that, and when I’ve had a fantastic week, I tell it.

What I write about on this blog or tweet out is the truth, or near to it. As bloggers, we all strive to be honest and real. We try to keep our online lives true to real life…. but that doesn’t mean online life is a full representation of real life.

I don’t write in-depth about my family, advocacy, human rights, politics or faith – all things I’m passionate about. I don’t write a ton about my non–fitness hobbies, like sewing, furniture restoration, crafting, etc. This is primarily a health blog and I make an effort to keep it focused. (Though I did make some fun jewelry the other night that I want to post. Stay tuned.)

I think just as I am still figuring out who I am in real life, I am also figuring that out online. I hope that who I represent online reflects this growth. I don’t really have any other dramatic overarching point to make here, this is more just musings. I’d love to know your thoughts, as a blogger or as a reader!

If you’re a blogger, how varied are blog life themes from real life themes?
How do you decide what goes public online and what stays in real life?


As readers, we “get to know our favorite writers”
and it’s easy to feel like we’re part of their lives.
What do you look for when investing time to read a blog?

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Think about working out #restday #run #fitness #workout #motivation #inspiration {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

I’m not entirely sure what that phrase means. Strange thing, the evolution of language. I do know I’m sick.

Sinus pressure, headache, bad cough, barely a voice, achy all over, can’t sleep well because I’m coughing. I don’t have a fever and I’m eating normally, thank goodness, plus downing tea like it’s a magic elixir.

What sucks is that I want to be productive. This weekend I actually wanted to clean up the kitchen and put laundry away. Allow me to emphasize this. I haaaaaaate laundry. More than any other chore. Laundry is my arch nemesis around the house. And because I wash substantially more clothes and Jon, it’s mostly my job.

But I wanted to put clothes away and finish unpacking and put my suitcase back in storage and do dishes and bake bread. And on Saturday afternoon, I did all of those things. I had to break it up and lay down periodically, but damn it, I was productive! Then Sunday came with the worst of it. (Actually, that’s a lie. I feel even worse this Monday morning at home). A short walk to the farmer’s market was about all I had in me for the day.

Anyway, that’s enough about my sick self. Having to forego a weekend long run that I really really really wanted to do got me thinking about rest days. Cheers to the rest days or rest weekends or rest weeks, planned and unplanned. Cheers to being alive and all that comes with it.

Happy Monday!


What crazy long runs happened this weekend?
Have a fabulous week!

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Vacation wiped me out. In part because it wasn’t a real vacation. We spent a whirlwind day in NYC, then headed upstate for my cousin’s wedding, then spent several days seeing all the family. Late nights, still up pretty early in the morning, different beds, and did I mention I have a big family?

I’ve decided I’m not used to being around a big family anymore. Jon’s family, who we see much more often, is a lot smaller. Plus, I’ve been out of New York for 10 years, and with my parents and various siblings living overseas, the few times I have been back hasn’t always been with everyone.

Despite the crazy, we had a fabulous trip. And then were ready to get back to our quiet lives at home.

I’m not even going to bother with a workout roundup. We did some good hiking one day and I did a 3–mile run with my mom another day. The couple days I’ve been home have been all about grocery shopping, laundry and sleep.

A few more photos!

Ladies! Left to right: Mom, SIL, me, cousin, aunt. Via Krista Dalton.

Men! Left the right: uncle, brother, brother, dad, brother, brother, husband. Via Krista Dalton.

Hiking! Via Krista Dalton.

Family trip to a lake–side winery on an absolutely PERFECT day. Plus, we pretty much planned another cousin’s wedding for next summer at this place. We’re productive like that.

Flowers. Sunshine. Vineyard. Lake. Wine tasting. Perfection.

Parents at Skaneateles Lake, Upstate New York!

Skaneateles Lake, Upstate New York. We started at the winery above the lake and finished with a stop at a quaint coffee and truffles shop, when walking by the lake. Have I mentioned this was a perfect day?


What did I miss while absent from the interwebs?
Did anyone have some great races or trips?

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Statue of Liberty New York City {PilotingPapeAirplanes.com}

Jogging it down: my week in review {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

I’m in New York! The City at this exact moment, but I’m heading upstate for my beautiful cousin’s wedding this evening. Before I get to the fun photos, here’s my week:


• 10.5–mile run, (11:22 pace) + 1.3–mile walk cool down, 2:23:45.
I had absolutely no pace goals with this workout; I just wanted to enjoy my first long run in about a month. Weather was nice, not too hot, and I felt great.


• 25 each:

• 1 leg squat & press L     • 1 leg squat & press R
• plank knee tucks, R & L = 1 rep     • leg lift + toe touch w/ weight
• side plank row + leg lift L     • side plank row + leg lift R
• elevated bridge     • pushups     • dips
225 reps

3–mile commute, walk.


• Fitness Magazine workout, :30/:10 intervals, 3 rounds

• jumping jacks     • pushups     • toe–touch crunches
• squats     • chair step–ups     • high knees     • front plank
• dips     • forward lunges     • pushup w/ twist     • side plank

• 100 squat & press


• 3–mile commute, walk.


• All sorts of walking all day around NYC.


• Wedding dancing!

You’ll find me less here on PPA the next week, but I am posting all sorts of fun things on Instagram. Here are some highlights from yesterday, our one day in the city this trip.

New York City Washington Heights {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

View from my brother & SIL’s apartment. Oh hello, river. Hello, bluffs. Hello, blue sky.

Staten Island Ferry New York City {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

I reserve myself one touristy thing to do each time we’re here. This trip was the Staten Island Ferry. The day was absolutely PERFECT so we couldn’t resist.

Staten Island Ferry New York City {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

Jon and Justin SO excited to be on the ferry.

Staten Island Ferry New York City {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

We make the ugly ferry dock behind us look cool.

Washington Heights New York City {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

Balsamic marinated grilled Portobello mushroom, fresh corn and swiss chard. (Grilled lamb chops for the carnivores). Soooo good. My SIL is quite the cook and completely spoils us.

Washington Heights New York City {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

George Washington bridge from the balcony. Perfection.

Next stop, WEDDING!


It’s the final weeks of summer –
are you doing anything exciting??

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Health is the relationship between you and your body #run #fitness #motivation #inspiration {PilotingPaperAirplanes}

I love this statement. Health is not a cookie–cutter thing. It’s also not just a physical thing, but mental, emotional and spiritual as well.

Perhaps this is why I don’t stress about how much I work out or how I eat. I strive to keep everything as balanced as possible – and this includes rest days and treats. I have a daily health checklist on my fridge that includes things like sleep, exercise, food, mediation time, water, etc. I take steps to  be as healthy as possible for each day, and I don’t stress beyond that.

I am happy to be healthier today – full–being health, inside and out – than ever in my adult life.

Happy Monday!


How do you measure your health?

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