1 year Blogiversary {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

1 year Blogiversary {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

Ok, so I lied. I said I was going to announce winner yesterday, but Saturday got away from me.

Here they are!

Handana winner

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congratulations Natalie! Handana will be the perfect athletic accessory for these hot summer months.

Pro Compression winner

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Angela! In her comment, Angela said her birthday is in July, so Happy Early Birthday!

HUGE thanks to HB Tune, Handana and Pro Compression for sponsoring my blogiversary celebration, and thank you to everyone who participated! It was fabulous week and I also had a great birthday. Here’s to another year of running, blogging and sharing with you all!


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Jogging it down: my week in review {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

I took a pretty easy week. Not really on purpose… but lord almighty has it been a hot week. Then Wednesday afternoon/night I had a migraine and I didn’t sleep well early in the week. So I’ve gone to bed earlier the last couple nights and I feel much better.

Here are a couple photos from my birthday last weekend. Jon, Casey and I went to an outdoor event of live music, a wine garden and a beer garden. It was lovely.

JonLarissaCasey JonLarissa

My week:



• 32.3–mile ride to the Missouri river, 2:45:50 (11.7 mph pace)
We biked to the river – farther than either of us had gone on the trail – with a pack lunch. It was a good ride, though HOT and we didn’t have enough water with us. Lesson for our next ride. The time doesn’t account for water stops and the lunch break.


We made it back RIGHT before a storm hit.

Monday, Tuesday

• Nada, except walking my 3 mile commute.


• 3.01 miles, 34:53 (11:35 pace)
Super easy run. I didn’t have water or food before this run because I wanted to do a dehydration test (weigh yourself before a workout, then after – without drinking anything during – and the diference is what you need to be drinking). I wasn’t out that long and I didn’t run hard, but I still dropped 2 pounds! Ok, note to self; hydration is incredibly important, especially in this weather.

• 3 mile commute, biking.


My dripping self after the run.


• 3 mile commute, biking. That’s all.


• 3 miles, 30:21 (10:07)
Sort of tempo run, threw in some hills and a few sprint/recover intervals. A little cooler this morning so this run felt pretty good.

• 3 mile commute, biking.


I’m obsessed with nature pictures right now; it’s so bright and colorful! This time last year, the drought was in full swing and everything was already brown.

I’m waaaay looking forward to a solid long run. Shooting for 15 or 16 miles! Also, check back tomorrow: I’m posting the winners of the Handana and Pro Compression giveaways!


How was your week?
Anyone else struggling in the heat like I am??

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academic eating {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

Today’s post comes from one of my closest friends. I’ve known Kristin for years. Those years have seen weddings, being housemates, regular “girl talk” walks, and ups and downs of our individual health journeys. She and I were chatting about bingeing and recovering from a binge session the other day, and the result is this post.

P.S. She’s a fabulous writer. I guarantee you some chuckles as she talks about struggles anyone who’s EVER been on a diet understands.

bmi chart {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

In order to fully appreciate the story I’m about to tell, it’s important to know that for the last three-and-a-half years I have been attending college full-time as a non-traditional student and am about to become the first person in my family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Two bachelor’s degrees, actually.

Waits for raucous applause to die down

Not to brag, but it’s kind of a big deal. Which is why, in a little over four weeks, my family will embark on an 18-hour round-trip drive just to see me walk across a garishly decorated stage wearing a ridiculously unfashionable four-pointed hat. The thing is, I know there will loads of picture-taking—I do not think my mother knows how to function at major events unless she is behind a constantly clicking camera. Inevitably, all photographic documentation occurring during my family’s stay will be plastered on the interwebs for former boyfriends or those mean girls from high school to see. And let’s just say that, unfortunately, the images that are sure to result will not be reflective of my best (outward) self.

academic eating {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

You see, school is hard. It’s hard when you’re nineteen and can thrive indefinitely on Bagel Bites and 30 minutes of sleep; it’s even harder when you’re thirty and married and working a job beside. To say that the goal of finishing school took priority over health and fitness would be a laughable understatement. For the sake of survival I had to let myself go, and now here I am, at the tail-end of my undergrad career, in worse shape than I’ve been since the winter I discovered Vodka and coke.

(‘04-‘05, in case you’re wondering.)

I realize that I can’t undo several years’ worth of damage in two months, but I can sure as heck try. For the last couple of weeks I have been on a low(ish) carb, whole-foods diet and working out like it’s my job. So far, I’ve been doing a great job of disciplining myself, staying on target, hitting my goals. At least I was doing a great job with all of that, until last night when I decided to reward myself and may have lost control a teensy bit.

And by teensy bit, I mean totally. I mean epically. I mean horrifically.

food limit reached {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

It all started when I went with my friends to our favorite pub for happy hour (half priced appetizers and two-dollar well drinks, baby!). My intention was to have a serving of hummus (extra veggies, hold the pita) and one beer. The hummus part of the plan I carried off splendidly; unfortunately, however, that one beer turned into two beers, a shot of tequila, and a shot of vodka — all in a span of less than three hours.

I was not exactly sober at closing time so, in a panicked attempt to avoid a debilitating hangover, I headed to an all-night diner where I ordered the most enormous breakfast skillet anyone’s ever dreamed of, piled almost to the sun with hash browns, ham, country-fried steak, white gravy, eggs, and cheese. Oh, and it also came with a side of pancakes, which of course I smothered in margarine and syrup. I say this next part with all honestly: I cannot recall another time in my life when I felt so full. I literally became concerned that I might explode all over the kind friend who’d offered me a ride home.

I’m sure you can imagine how I felt upon waking this morning: ashamed of myself for having made such a poor series of decisions; angry for having just set myself back an entire week in the span of a few hours; unmotivated, because what the heck is the point in trying if I’m just going to blow it?; and of course, bloat-y and jiggly and icky in general as a natural result of last night’s debauchery. Also, I felt despair, because I just know that I will now look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in all my graduation photos.

It is an embarrassing thing to admit, but this is not, by any stretch of the imagination, my first time around the bingeing block.

weight loss stress {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

I have always had to watch what I eat, considering I was not blessed with those coveted genetics that allow some people to consume whatever they please while remaining lean. Even though it has been this way for the entirety of my adult life, I have never really mastered the art of healthy eating or eating in moderation. I love bad-for-you food, and I love it in even-worse-for-you quantities. I can only deprive myself of ice cream or french fries for so long before some inner monster takes over my body and devours every saturated fat within a ten-mile radius. Once, for instance, I bought a family-sized bag of lime-flavored tortilla chips that my husband asked me to deliver to a friend (his reward for winning fantasy football, I think), but I wound up eating every last chip before I made it to the friend’s house. Another time I bought two pre-bottled root beer floats to go with the massive taco dinner I’d also purchased for myself. I hid the floats in my oversized purse so no one would see me walking from my car to the house with them. On my way up the steps to my house I fell and the glass bottles shattered, spilling sticky root beer/ice cream sludge all over my checkbook, phone, keys, everything. It took me hours to clean up the mess, and in the end I had to buy a new purse.

I’m telling you all of this knowing that many of you can relate. Bingeing just . . . happens, sometimes, despite our best intentions. And it can seem catastrophic when it does happen, derailing not only a person’s diet but also their self-esteem. However, as Larissa is about to share, there is hope for the accidental binger like myself. There are things that can be done to minimize the damage a binge can wreak and to prevent it from happening next time a similar situation occurs.

Larissa here. I want to leave you with four things I always focus on after a binge meal (or vacation or weekend of too much or an event… you get the idea):

1. Let go of the guilt! It’s hard, sure. But binges happen, “bad” meals happen and that’s life. Give yourself permission to move on right away.
I think the mental and emotional aspects of this are the most important – and harmful. 

2. Drink lots of water. We all should be doing this anyway, but I take extra care to hydrate and essentially flush my system (TMI? Maybe).

3. Eat light for a few days – but not too light. I still need to eat enough to support my activity. Just be extra vigilant against that sneaky cookie middle of the afternoon. Big one: do not skip meals.

4. Strength training. I always feel tightest and strongest after some strength work. That feeling is aften exactly what I need to snap out of the guilt and frustration of overeating.

And here are a few other articles:

How to Recover From a Food Binge: 10 Steps to Feel Better | Via First Ourselves

Ate too much? Erase the damage with this simple plan. | Via Prevention
I’m not a big fan of diet plans, but I do like the mindfulness elements of this article.

How to Handle Yourself After a Big Weekend Binge | Via FitSugar


 What are your tips for recovering – and preventing! – a binge session?

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It doesn't get easier. You just get better. #motivation #inspiration #run {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

First things first:

Congratulation Kelly on winning an HB  Tune Handband!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. Check out Kelly’s blog, Leafy Not Beefy, too.

The last month or so since my race has seen a shift in my workouts. I’m still running regularly, of course, but I’ve also been back to regular strength training and some long bike rides. It’s been refreshing! This summer is about staying active and not getting burned out on anything – especially running.

My motivation this week is to get moving, do a variety of activities and keep “showing up.”


Do you have a favorite “supplemental” activity,
besides your primary form of working out?
Or are you all about variety?

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I’m  not writing a weekly recap today. It’s my birthday, I can do what I want. Plus, you don’t really care. 🙂

Here’s why:


Source via Pro Compression blog.

Most of you probably know about Pro Compression and how awesome their compression gear is and how cool they are about interacting with the online community (pretty much, the company rocks!), so I won’t go into detail about them. Go visit their website and show them some Twitter love!

Also, here’s a photo showcasing Jon’s ability to perfectly fit together wrapping paper scraps on a gift. Skills.


We take recycling seriously.

My birthday is a pretty swell day. It’s the summer solstice and the longest day of the whole year. There’s an extra energy in the air on June 21st. Probably there is something magical about today.

It’s the final giveaway of my Blogiversary Week! Good luck to everyone in all the giveaways this week and thank you everyone for entering. There have been some amazing comments about blogging tips and summer gear… I’ve learned a ton from you all!

And now, I’m signing off for the weekend, which will include a night of camping, a 35–mile round trip bike ride to a nearby winery on the Missouri river and plenty of ice cream. Obviously.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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