Mayan daily photo challenge dec. 21 2012

Finally, I have some workout updates!

Monday’s workout: 2.6 mile run, 28:10 (just under 11 mile average) | Tracy’s weightless arm routine | 2:30 min. #plankaday | 100 squats
Tuesday’s workout: 2.6 mile run, 28:25 (10:56 avg) | 4:00 #plankaday | 100 squats
Wednesday’s workout: Legs and arms from Tracy | 1:00 #plankaday | 100 squats

It has felt SO good to get my run on this week.

They have been slow, easy winter miles done mostly in the dark. I’ve been heading in to work early so I can get home, change, and get out the door before it becomes black outside. It’s been dusk and gray… but not all black yet. And these have been shorter runs so I’m not out long.

I don’t think Jon would let me run much longer unless he came. My mild stalker–out–of–the–park incident has us both more careful.

My goal this week is to hit 12 – 15 miles total. This would include 3 or 4 couple–milers and a 7–miler or so on the weekend. That goal might be a little high, seeing as I’m not a high–mileage runner anyway and I’ve been off for three weeks. I’m not tied to it; I know to back off if my knee pain comes back. But that’s my goal and I’m *hopefully* sticking to it. 🙂

In other news, we are less than a month away from the end of the world!

I have a slew of things I want to do and say before then, but I also want something fun. Chatting with my husband the other day, he suggested a world–ending photo challenge! After some brainstorming with him and Casey, we produced this:

Mayan daily photo challenge Dec. 21 2012

You all know how this works: share your daily photos on Instagram and/or Twitter with the hashtag #MayanPhotoChallenge starting on December 1. Find us, too, so we can follow everyone doing the challenge. Plus, we’re all new to Instagram and looking for fun people to follow! 🙂

Will you join us? Let me know!

emotional child

Living fully, part 3

emotional sad woman

How often have you been told you’re being too emotional – especially if you’re a woman? Ever have those days that you can barely hold back tears…. or days when you can’t stop smiling?

Today I want to talk about emotional energy, and how it affects our daily lives. (See Part 1 and Part 2 of this Living Fully series).

Dr. Lynn Rossy taught that emotional flexibility is the ability to “bounce back” from tough situations. She said that we have to think about our emotional energy as a limited resource; meaning, we have to replenish that resource as we use it. This is a different way for me to think about emotions, but it really makes sense.

Start by asking yourself this question: “If I weren’t afraid, I would ____.” Does fear keep you from trying new things? Or worse, does it keep you from doing things you love? Challenge yourself, step by step, in these areas of low confidence.

But be aware that fear is an emotion that will deplete your “emotional reserves,” so to speak. Be sure to treat yourself. Rossy suggests taking yourself on a date once a week. This is something as simple as blocking out 30 minutes to read uninterrupted, doing some shopping, go to a movie… whatever you enjoy that can be some you time.

emotional childI know I have a really hard time with, well, life, when I don’t have some “me” time in my week. Hello being a newlywed? It’s certainly been a transition for us to navigate quality time together – and apart.

Lastly, Rossy gave one more really great suggestion: At the end of each day, write down your happiest moment of that day. After 2 weeks of this, look back at your list. You will probably see some consistencies, and these are the things you should devote more priority to.

Some more activities to “emotionally recharge” include:

  • Deep breathing.
  • Read a good book.
  • Visit or call a close friend.
  • Here’s a great one: take a nap!
  • Listen to some music or sing yourself (be aware of neighbors 🙂 )
  • Take a bath, massage your feet, or go get a massage.
  • Be creative! Write, draw, paint, etc.
  • Spend some time praying or meditating.
  • Do a calming activity, such as Pilates, yoga, swimming or going for a walk.
  • Organize your room, closet, office, etc. Give unwanted things away.
  • Laugh! Watch a comedy, read a funny book or talk to a friend who can make you laugh.

Don’t forget to do your “homework.”

Choose one activity to replenish your emotional energy and build that into your regular routine!

Running is Fun

I’m rather excited.

After a few weeks off, my knee is feeling better and Thanksgiving travel is over. The weather looks cool, but not terrible. I am so ready to run some miles.

Nothing long, probably no speed work. But it doesn’t matter, because after 3 weeks, my legs are ready to move.

To celebrate, this Monday’s motivation is all about lacing up.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Tracy Anderson trainer

Tracy Anderson trainer

I’ve kind of fallen in love with Tracy Anderson‘s videos.

I stumbled upon one of the celebrity trainer‘s arm workouts on Pinterest that I’ve posted on here a few times, but this week I went looking for more.

And I love it. As a former dancer + a runner with an aching knee, her videos are low impact, rep–based, dance–inspired workouts. It’s really refreshing! I needed something new and a little different right now, and Tracy delivered. She focuses on a lot of rotations that catch the smaller accessory muscles that don’t as much attention running. Tracy’s workouts are body–weight only, or very light weights for more extra resistance. (I have some ankle weights that I’ll add, too).

A note up front though: these take a little coordination, especially the standing abs video. I recommend watching through it first; or at least doing a light walk–through first. Also, Tracy talks about needing to keep energy and strength in your movements. Because you’re not using weights, you have to keep power in the movements.

These are my favorites (do them together for a great workout):

Tracy Anderson trainer

  1. Lower body, part 1
  2. Lower body, part 2
  3. Arms without weights
  4. Arms with light weights
  5. Abs & legs on the mat
  6. Standing abs

Try these and tell me what you think!

Have you done any of Tracy’s other workouts?

Also, I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! I know I ate far too much…. 🙂

let it go balloon

Today is all about perspective.

It’s been a rougher couple of weeks in my house, mostly due to some financial stress – which, by the way, is potentially the worst kind. Ever. And these things always become conversations about goals, purpose, what–are–we–doing–with–our–lives, are we being smart, this–decision–means–we–can’t–do–things–for–ourselves–for–a–while…. all that fun stuff.

It brings me back to one of my regular mantras:

This is about the journey, not just the destination.

I just don’t see things in black and white many times. There are SO many shades of gray, so many silver linings, so many gains from sacrifices. Certainly, it is sometimes hard to find the good in a tough situation, but there is always a positive.

So today’s inspiration is about perspective. About finding that positive. About letting things go. About understanding life is so much bigger than today’s decisions.

Today is about realizing how truly blessed we are and leaving it at that. There is no “Sure, I’m blessed, but….”

You are blessed. If you can’t see that, maybe it’s time to change your perspective.

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