Disclaimer: this post contains political content. Opinions are my own, and I’m always willing to learn more.


Monday’s workout: 40 weighted squats, 10 superman push ups, 20 chair dips. I had a surprise call from one of my good friends (who, like most of them, lives far away) so that took precedence over a workout.

This will be a shorter post, but I do have a thing or two to say about the large amount of rape talk happening in the political world lately. First things first. I came across this last week:

GOP rape advisory chart

I have just two points to make about this.

Number one, these are terrible comments that should not be voiced, regardless of context.

Number two, these are comments taken completely out of context.

Which leads to my point (I did say this was going to be short). I am incredibly uncomfortable with the way rape is being discussed right now. Horrible comment, or just a stupid comment taken out of context… we are not talking about real rape issues at all.

No one in the political realm is talking about the legal challenges of reporting a rape. No one is talking about the fear that must be overcome to report a rape, and how the system discourages women from doing that. No one is talking about the health issues – mental and physical. As far as I can tell, the only reason it’s come up is in connection to abortion.

{Note: I’m mainly talking about women as we are the majority of rape victims. That being said, I in no way disregard men who are victims of rape. They have their own significant challenges as well. Also, I am not a rape victim. I only write as a women concerned with the current rhetoric}

What concerns me most is that we, as a society, will quickly experience “rape fatigue” and the issue will fall from public conversation long before we’ve actually talked about it.

Frankly put, I would rather not be talking about it at all. This “conversation” of political talking heads does absolutely nothing to help victims. It does nothing to assist medical staff working with victims. It does nothing to change the legal circumstances or aid investigators in arresting alleged rapists.

Rape is rape is rape. There may different levels of violence involved, but rape is a heinous crime that impacts a victim far beyond the physical pain. That is what we should talk about.

Not whether a rape is “legitimate” or “honest” or how a pregnancy seemingly makes the rape count. Those things shouldn’t be said at all.

take rape seriously

After a lovely Halloween weekend with some great friends, I am tired, in a candy hangover and feeling so very blessed. It’s not often you find a group of people who truly become family.

This week’s motivation is more about dreams than health. I had a developing thought process through several conversations this weekend about dreams, what I value in a place I live and where I want to do. As much as I love interesting and new places, a city is worth staying because of the people rather than the amenities. A dream isn’t as valuable if it doesn’t involve the important people in my life.

It’s a jumble of thoughts that aren’t worth the attempt to write cohesively, but I think the basic idea is this:

Dream big, work hard, love long.

For me, these lose their value when separated. Big dreams don’t mean as much when separated from people I love, and they don’t happen without hard work. Working hard for something that I don’t love is miserable. The most important things are so because they seem out of reach and require work to get there.

So! For my non–existent word of the week and weekly challenge:

This week’s word: dream.

This week’s challenge: write down some of those dreams. Life dreams, health dreams, family dreams, out–of–reach dreams, impossible dreams. I want to get them out on paper and spend some time thinking about them. Maybe some of them stay in the dream phase, but some could become goals with steps to begin now.

Do you have dreams that could use some attention?
How do you motivate yourself to pursue them?

dreams don't work unless you do

create your life

good things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle

the best way to predict the future is to create it

turn intentions into actions

come alive and go do it

side lung long stretch runner smile

Monday’s HIIT workout did me in for the week, but I managed to get in some good speed work last night before my muscles died.

shape magazine running tips

Wednesday’s workout: 4 miles, 36:37 (8:24 / 10:27 / 8:31 / 9:15) | Arms & shoulders, Tracy Anderson video | 1:00 plank | Bike commute, ~2.5 miles

First, I just need to get something out.


Monday’s HIIT workout did me in for the week. My quads and lower back especially. It’s actually a little past the “great workout soreness” feeling into a “I want to sit without pain” feeling.

I’m also really tired. It’s been a couple late nights in a row and I’m feeling it. That, and we’re heading to Creepsfield this weekend for a Halloween party. As much as we love seeing the crew, these weekends are never relaxing or refreshing. So much to do and people to see, so little time!


competitor magazine runner stretchI’m quite happy with last night’s run. It was a speed work day, which I haven’t done in a while. I didn’t do timed intervals; more by distance (marking a spot ahead and going fast) or by feeling (going fast until I needed to slow down). Real technical in this joint. I went in aiming for a time around 36 min, and that’s exactly what I did.

The speed exception was mile 2 though. That’s my least favorite mile on my park loop, so I used it as a recovery mile / getting ready for a fast one after it. I just settled in to make the best of the hated #2 and actually thought I was going slower than I was. Always nice. Part of mile 4 was also a slower recovery period.

My knee felt 85 – 90%, calves had normal blood flow the whole time, and I just went all speedy Gonzales and had fun with this one. I haven’t done a sub 8:30 mile – and maybe not even a sub 9:00 – since middle of the summer. It felt good.

That’s all I got today. I made these egg frittatas with corn bread earlier in the week, but I didn’t take any photos. We both enjoyed these. Also, confession: I ate 3 (three!!!) peanut butter chocolate chip cookies last night when we were hanging out with some friends. I would have been rude to refuse, right? 🙂

And finally, I found this video from Runner’s World for a dynamic warm up for runners. I do some of these, but I’ve been feeling not warmed up enough lately when I start running. I know how to stretch deep after a run, but warming up properly has evaded me as of late. Maybe because it’s not a gazillion degrees outside anymore, so I actually have to take some time to warm up.

side lung long stretch runner smile

goal setting purpose life benefits

If you know me at all, or have read this blog for more than 2.82 days, you will know how much I like lists. Here are some new health and fitness goals for the next few months.

journal diary goals

Monday’s workout: This plyometric HIIT workout from Brad Gouthro, ~ 20 min., 541 reps | This Pilates ab workout from JPPilates| Some crunches and a short plank.

My frustrating weekend motivated me to re–evaluate my goals. Or really, to get some new ones out on paper (er, blog). I had pre–wedding goals and then transitioned into my current half training plan, but I didn’t set new goals for this period. I guess just finishing the plan is the main idea. But I now feel the need to write some specific health and fitness focuses for the next few months.

So! My current top 5 fitness goals (in no particular order):

  1. Regularly run 8–10 miles for my non–training long runs.
  2. Hold a 7 min. plank with 10 lbs.
  3. Complete 50 full push ups.
  4. Meal plan each month to keep clean food in the house.
  5. Regularly get 7–9 hours of sleep every night.

I am at various points of “complete–ness” for each of these. For instance, I just started meal planning. The goal is to stick with it and keep it clean and smart goals sticky noteshealthy. I’m also pretty good about getting around 8 hours of sleep most nights. Running and planking I’m working on, so those are clear goals I can achieve with continued work. I could do 30 full push ups in the spring but haven’t focused on that since I started running more, so I’ve got to get back into regular upper body strength training.

The key thing to notice with these goals: none of them relate to weight or size.

This was very intentional, quite hard to write, and extremely liberating. I always have fitness or strength goals, but they are always paired with a weight challenge. Not this time. This set focuses on skills, not on the scale. A lifestyle challenge rather than a weight–loss challenge. It’s quite freeing.

I don’t have a time limit or completion goal for these. I imagine they will be my focus until the end of the year. At that point, I’m sure I’ll write some new goals and challenges for 2013 – with things like meal planning and sleep remaining on any future list. I also wrote some long–term health goals and a few other “life” goals; feeling more focused and purposeful now. 🙂

If you know me at all, or have read this blog for more than 2.82 days, you will know how much I like lists. They motivate me. Crossing things off pushes me. Lists, notes and quotes inspire me. Cheers to staying fit and focused on the last few months of 2012. 🙂

How do you stay motivated? What pushes you to your next level?

goal setting purpose life benefits

dead last is greater than did not finish which trumps did not start

run inspired running changes everything

Sunday’s workout: 3 mile (slow and painful) run (9:58 / 11:02 / 11:11) | 4 mile walk, 18 min average | 2:30 min plank

Today was a long run day.

Minimum 9 miles; 11 if I felt good.

It had to happen because next weekend we are out-of-town for the annual Creeps Halloween Party, and I can’t afford to go two weekends without a good run.

But apparently I now have to.

My knee was aching almost immediately. Last week I was willing to run through it because really wanted 10 miles. Today I was not so willing. Right now my knee is a nagging ache that is not serious; that could easily change, however, and I have to keep convincing myself to be careful.

The real kicker was that my circulation issues returned today. I probably could have managed another mile, but I was just so frustrated! It’s incredibly wearing to feel like I can’t improve because my body – or leg circulation in this case – continually works against me.

It has been better as a whole the last few weeks. I’ve been focusing on stretching my Achilles more and the compression socks have literally done wonders. Alas, today was a reminder that I can’t take the good days for granted.

I see some more careful runs and probably a bike workout again this week. I see a week of feeling frustrated and disappointed. I guess that’s life sometimes, right? Gotta roll with the punches.

Right now I needed some running motivation. I found some great ones use to all week:

* Click on an individual image to view it larger in a gallery.

{ I suppose this answers my questions from last week. ↑ }