Geez I have some days to catch up on.

Thursday’s workout: 1 mile run, 9:01 min. | Zuzka’s leg and bum KILLER: 13 min., 264 reps. (Seriously, I had trouble walking for two full days. This workout had me SO SORE.

Friday’s workout: No cardio | Abs & core, 300 reps (no time) while watching Olympics.

Saturday’s workout: 5.4 mile walk since my legs were still very sore, 1:36

Sunday’s workout: Packing and moving for 382919835 hours.

I am now nearly moved. There are a few things left in my apartment, and it’s only half clean, but we’re so close and will be finished today. Yesterday I was up working or running errands from 7am until 11pm. I have a sore back and a bruised thumb from a door frame collision, but all in all, it was a successful moving day.

Meanwhile, our apartment is in shambles. I keep going into the previous roommate’s room that we moved my bedroom stuff into simply because there is not a lot in there. Few bins, two dressers and my bed. It’s the only space that I feel like I can take a deep breath.

Have I mentioned that I dislike moving?

Good news is Jon’s previous roommate moved out this weekend. He and his girlfriend were originally in the apt. until next weekend. With my sister–in–law arriving soon…. this was going to be a very crowded week. BUT. Roommate changed his plan for reasons I don’t know, and we have a few days to begin unpacking and reorganizing.

Plus, you know, finishing up all the wedding stuff. There’s still plenty of that.

Which is why S–i—L needs to get here. So she can cook and unpack for us while we print and cut and glue and such craftiness.

I mean….. enjoy being gracious hosts to our first visitor, of course.

I may or may not have watched this a few double–digit times. (Thanks to my sister–in–law for posting it!) It makes me happy and I immediately feel relaxed. Something I need right now. And while he is obviously painting, much of this “song” can be applied to just about all of my life. 🙂

How can this not bring a smile to your face? Enjoy!

“This is your world. You’re the creator. Find freedom on this canvas.”

“There are no limits here.”

“Believe that you can do it. Because you can do it.”


This Mister Rogers one is pretty good too. Props to PBS for autotuning their own shows.

Wednesday’s workout: Two hilly miles in 19:43 min (shaved ~1 min. from yesterday; still slow, but better!) | 10 min. cardio burst: 810 reps*

* In this quick workout, I do 2 min. each of high knees, squat jumps, mountain climbers, side skaters and jump twists. It’s short, but gets the blood pumping!

I don’t have time for a full post today – though I plenty I want to write about, but it will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow morning. In fact, I wasn’t going to post at all today until I found this:

Virtual Games: Track Star 2012 from the blog Run with Jess.

For all my runner friends out there, this looks quite fun. The challenge is to run the main Olympic running events during the week that our own team USA is running them (Aug. 3 – 12)! Pretty cool!

From Run with Jess:

100m (.062 mile)
200m (.124 mile)
400m (.25 mile)
800m (.50 mile)
1500m (.93 mile)
5000m (3.1 miles)
10,000m (6.2 miles)
Marathon (26.2 miles)**

** You do not have to run the full marathon in one shot. Break it up into segments and challenge yourself to complete a total of 26.2 miles dying the 10–day Virtual Games (average of 2.62 miles each day). And yes, the challenge of this virtual event to run or walk all eight segments. Be A Champion!

And…. I just had to post this. Because he’s amazing.
“12 Aug 1996: Sprinter Michael Johnson poses for a studio portrait with his two Olympic gold medals and his golden running shoes. Johnson became the first man to complete the Olympic “Golden Double” after winning both the 200m and 400m finals at the 1996 Olympics.”

I think this is a super fun challenge that I really want to participate in…. except that it is the week before my wedding and I will be up in Ohio frantically finishing everything and trying to enjoy time with my family from out of the country. Who I don’t see all that often; the ocean proves problematic. And who I’ll only see for a few days. So there’s that.

BUT. I still emailed to get her “official scorecard” and I plan to do it on my own when we get back. In fact, I bet Jon would do it with me.


Have I mentioned recently how totally and completely excited I am about the Olympics??!!
Though I may be catching up on all the events after they’re done. I have something kind of important going on right smack in the middle.

I didn’t plan this wedding date very well.

Monday’s workout: Couldn’t fit it in. I tried. But I had to get to work early so I could leave early for our last premarital counseling session and then went to the chiropractor! Then we did more packing and moving. So that’s a kind of workout itself.

Tuesday’s workout: Went out for one of my standard morning run routes: two pretty hilly miles in 20:50 min | 10 min. abs & core | 17:43 min. chest & shoulders (I incorporated several of Casey’s Blogilates moves from last week).

Those miles are a time I really want to improve.

But… I’m satisfied with that for the day. Took some pushing, and my breathing took some effort in the last hills. I think I’m also realizing that two to three miles is a comfortable length for me circulation wise. I can feel my feel starting to lose feeling around that distance, but definitely nothing bad yet. I really really want to get some distance under me again, but need to not push that far if I’m going completely numb that quickly.

So while I still want to do a longer–for–me run on the weekend, I think it’s better for work on going faster for short distances.

I suppose this breathing/blood flow thing is why I like interval training so much. I can push hard for a period of time, and I may lose good control of my breathing by the end of the interval, but then I have a recovery period. Four of five deeeep breaths is usually all I need to get everything flowing and controlled again.

Maybe I have some form of asthma? Could that explain my generally quick and shallow breathing and my struggle to breathe well while running…. and all of that tie into blood flow/numbness stuff?

You’d think the several docs I’ve seen my this point would have thought of that, so I don’t know. Something worth asking next time though. In the meantime, I’ll read some of these breathing&running articles and see what I can do better: Runner’s World, Running & Jogging and a running forum.

In other, more exciting, news:

  • Jon killed the giant mutant bug that made a home in my closet. He’s great like that.
  • Packing/moving is happening steadily throughout the week.
  • My sister–in–law gets into town next week.
  • My parents and youngest brothers get into the country in two weeks.
  • And in a 1.5 weeks we’re kicking this joint for a birthday weekend in Springfield and then Ohio for wedding time!

Everything’s happening so fast now! It’s crunch time peeps.

Sunday’s workout: Active rest day; morning walk to market, started moving.

The time has arrived.

I have officially begun the move out of my little apartment that I love and into Jon’s apartment… that is about to become our apartment.

Since the two places are only around the block from each other, it’s a pretty simple move. I don’t think we’ll even get a truck. Just a gazillian car loads back a forth, looking something like the above picture.

No, not really. That’s an exaggeration. And quite dangerous.

In general, I loathe moving. I hate packing.

But this move is different.

For one, I’ve been at his place working on wedding stuff most evenings for several weeks now… so I’m looking forward to not having to walk home after finishing the day’s project. For two, I have been finding more creepy crawlies than normal in my place, and no matter how tough I pretend to be, finding a cricket chilling on my clothes hangers does not work for me. And three, because it’s so close, I’m not really packing. More like tossing stuff into bins and attempting to put is somewhere that makes sense at his/our apartment.

Plus, this is one of more momentous moves in my life. Because, you know, it will be me and my husband’s first place together. Lord almighty….

The frustration is that Jon’s roommate won’t be out until Aug. 4th or 5th. So that’s us, plus my sister–in–law who arrives on the first, plus roommate, plus possibly his girlfriend. With most of my stuff taking over a corner of the living room. While roommate will hopefully be packing to move out. So me unable to set up or unpack much of my stuff until we get back. While I go back to work right away upon returning.

Nope, not us. Add some sweat and grumpiness.

Jon and I are both pretty clean people. We don’t operate well in clutter, much less the chaos that will be our house.

Conclusion…. as easy as some aspects of this move are, the additional complications make it no fun. At all.

I hate moving.