It has been 4839028746 days since I last posted and I know my vast readership has been anxiously waiting to hear about my latest adventures. I have also owed many people an email, so writing a post seems the best way to update everyone.

I have now been in Washington, D.C. for a month. The time has seemed to fly and I have settled into a regular routine. Up at 6:30, biking to the metro at 8:00, work 9-5:00 Monday through Thursday, home about 6:30, dinner and a little TV, then often an evening phone call with Jon and bed about 10:30. Friday and Saturday are research days, with usually a run, some Bachelorette catch up and relaxing. Mixed in has been trivia on Mondays with VA, a trip to historic Fredericksburg (including a tour of the Chatham mansion shown here), the Washington Post Hunt (a scavenger hunt of sorts with riddles and clues), and a great documentary and drinks with some of my fellow interns.

All in all, a good four weeks.

My internship is going well. I’m working with Refugees International, an organization that advocates for refugees around the world. It’s very different from the more traditional journalism environment I’ve been in at Mizzou, so there’s definitely been a learning curve of sorts. Most of my projects have been online: website updates, posting blogs, building an online quiz, etc. I’ve also done some media outreach, edited a grant proposal, re-designed a web statistics email and am in the process of re-designing the monthly email update (both using my rusty HTML/CSS skills, so it’s been a good refresher).

It’s been a good experience thus far, and good to see where my skills might fit in the non-profit field. And reassured me that this is definitely the field I want to work in. On a more personal note, the other interns I work with are very fun, and the family I’m staying with has been great. I have been missing everyone in Missouri, but I’m enjoying my summer and work. I’m busy and happy.

And currently needing a break from my computer screen!